Bespoke Wedding Planning & Design

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That's why I'll do just about anything to ensure your day is flawless and fuss-free.

Beyond detailed to-do lists, color-coded spreadsheets and picture-perfect tablescapes, I'll spend over 100 hours making sure no ball gets dropped so you can actually enjoy your wedding and your engagement.

I want you to wake up and say,
"Let's do that again!" not "Thank God that's over!".


Get ready for a smooth, seamless & relatively stress-free experience thanks to my three-phased approach to planning.

What You Can Expect


I'll use my experience to anticipate and avoid curve balls. And I'll make plans for uncontrollable things like the weather. As the day approaches, you'll oversee guest needs while I handle timeline and vendor management. Together, we'll manage a master plan that ensures everything comes together flawlessly.



We'll visit your venue, design the flow and discuss any decor you may want to upgrade. Then, we'll visit the rental company and play with decor. When it's time to order items like napkins and signage, I'll share a decor checklist and guide you on what you do (and don't really) need.



We'll begin by talking through the storytelling of your wedding. Then, I'll curate a list of trusted vendors and off-the-beaten-path venues that are sure to bring your ideas to life. Once you've made your selections, I'll review their contracts and manage their needs so you can simply sit back and enjoy.


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“Lia and her team make events smooth and seamless. Weddings with LAE are stress-free and always fun!”

Smooth and Seamless

What You Need For An Exceptional Experience


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Instead of a generic checklist filled with unnecessary tasks and to-dos, I'll help you create a personalized priority list that identifies what really matters. From there, we'll craft a custom plan that ensures the right things are handled on time and in order.

Check off all of your to-do's with none of the overwhelm


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We'll discuss not just how you want your wedding to look, but how you want it to feel. Then, I'll connect you to fully vetted vendors that match how you want to experience your day. And because many of the best-in-the-business are friends, I'll have them on speed dial.

Save time searching for the right florist or band


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It doesn't matter how beautiful the flowers are if your guests can't find the food. So, I'll help you articulate your vision, review your Pinterest boards and get inspired by your ideas. Then, I'll visit your venue, design the perfect flow and guide you on decor decisions that are pretty and purposeful.

Design a beautiful experience, not just beautiful decor


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We'll have scheduled calls to talk through anything that is keeping you up at night, and we'll set up a group text so you can easily check in with questions or completed to-do's. And because our team takes on a limited number of events each year, I'll be available practically any time you need me.

Resolve any questions or concerns in *almost* real-time


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My assistant and I will help you navigate the problems, personalities and people involved in your day. We'll be the first to arrive, the last to leave - and always an arm's length away. You'll have the freedom to go into hosting mode as we get down to business, ensuring everything goes as planned.

Save yourself from endless day-of text messages


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“I felt like once the ceremony began, we didn't think about anything planning related the rest of the evening. I am still looking back and smiling about our day, grateful that we got to spend quality time with our loved ones.”

Because of Lia, our wedding flowed effortlessly from start to finish. 

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At LAE, we customize every aspect of an event - including the services we provide for each couple. Please reach out for more information about all of our full-service and final stretch options. And together, let's throw one heck of a good party!

Prices range from $3900 - $15000+
depending on what you and your event require.

Your wedding is too unique for one-size-fits-all pricing



“I spent 0% of my wedding solving last-minute problems, which allowed me to spend my time fully with the people I love. We just can't thank Lia enough for her work, and recommend her wholeheartedly!”

We were simply blown away by how smoothly everything went.